Varun Gupta – Publications


  • MNL-Bandit in non-stationary environments [arXiv]
    with A. Foussoul, V. Goyal.
    (Under submission)

  • Designing Service Menus for Bipartite Queueing Systems [pdf] [Video]
    with R. Caldentey, L. Hillas.
    (Under revision at Operations Research)

  • Reneging and Balking in Resource Sharing Systems [SSRN]

  • Managing Resources for Shared Micromobility: Approximate Optimality in Large-Scale Systems [SSRN]
    with D. Akturk, O. Candogan.
    (Under submission)

  • Constrained High Dimensional Statistical Inference [arXiv]
    with M. Kolar, M. Yu.

  • Inducing Optimal Scheduling with Selfish Users [pdf]
    with L. Debo, P. Enders, A. Gandhi, M. Harchol-Balter, A. Scheller-Wolf.

Work in progress

  • Dynamic Auctions for Truckload Marketplaces

  • Time-series models for variable capacity resources


  • Greedy Algorithm for Multiway Matching with Bounded Regret [arXiv] [Journal]
    (Operations Research, To appear)

  • Dynamic Regret Minimization for Control of Non-stationary Linear Dynamical Systems [arXiv] [Proceeding] [Youtube]
    with M. Kolar, Y. Luo. (SIGMETRICS 2022 / Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computer Systems 6(1))

  • On the Optimal Design of a Bipartite Matching Queueing System [SSRN] [Journal]
    with P. Afeche, R. Caldentey (Operations Research, 2022)

  • Diffusion Approximation and Optimal Control for State-dependent Limited Processor Sharing Queues [arXiv] [Journal]
    with J. Zhang (Stochastic Systems, 2022)

  • Greed Works - Online Algorithms for Unrelated Machine Stochastic Scheduling [arXiv] [Journal]
    with B. Moseley, M. Uetz, Q. Xie (Math of Operations Research, 2020)

  • Interior-point Based Online Stochastic Bin Packing [SSRN] [Journal]
    with A. Radovanovic (Operations Research, 2020)

  • Estimation of a Low-rank Topic-Based Model for Information Cascades [JMLR]
    with M. Kolar, M. Yu. (JMLR, 2020)

  • Simultaneous Inference for Pairwise Graphical Models with Generalized Score Matching [JMLR]
    with M. Kolar, M. Yu. (JMLR, 2020)

  • Load Balancing in the Non-Degenerate Slowdown Regime [arXiv] [Journal]
    with N. Walton (Operations Research, 2019)

  • Search among Queues under Quality Differentiation [SSRN] [Journal]
    with L. Yang, L. Debo (Management Science, 2019)

  • Trading Time in a Congested Environment [SSRN] [Journal]
    with L. Yang, L. Debo. (Management Science, 2016) MSOM Service Management SIG Best Publication Award, 2020.

  • Stability of the Bipartite Matching Model [arXiv] [Journal]
    With A. Busic, J. Mairesse. (Advances in Applied Probability, 2013)

  • On Markov-Krein Characterization of the Mean Sojourn Time in M/G/k and other Queueing Systems [Journal] [TR]
    with T. Osogami. (Queueing Systems, 2011)

  • Optimality Analysis of Energy-Performance Trade-off for Server Farm Management [Journal] [[papers/power_PEVA.pdf pdf]
    with A. Gandhi, M. Harchol-Balter, M. Kozuch. (Performance Evaluation, 2010)

  • Analysis of Scheduling Policies under Correlated Job Sizes [Journal] [pdf ] [TR]
    with M. Burroughs, M. Harchol Balter. (Performance Evaluation, 2010)

  • On the inapproximability of M/G/k: Why two moments of job size distribution are not enough [Journal] [pdf]
    with J. Dai, M. Harchol-Balter, B. Zwart. (Queueing Systems, 2010)

  • Sampling Strategies for Epidemic-style Information Dissemination [Journal] [TR]
    with M. Vojnovic, T. Karagiannis, C. Gkantsidis. (IEEE Transactions on Networking, 2010)

  • Analysis of Join-the-Shortest-Queue Routing for Web Server Farms [Journal] [pdf]
    with M. Harchol-Balter, K. Sigman, W. Whitt. (Performance Evaluation, 2007)

Conference and Workshop

  • Online Stabilization of Unknown Linear Time-Varying systems [arXiv]
    with A. Wierman, J. Yu. (CDC 2023)

  • Look Before, Before You Leap: Online Vector Load Balancing with Few Reassignments
    with R. Krishnaswamy, S. Sandeep, J. Sundaresan. (ITCS 2023)

  • Approximation Schemes for Multiperiod Binary Knapsack Problems [arXiv]
    with J. Birge, Z. Gao. (CSR, 2021)

  • Permutation Strikes Back: The Power of Rescource in Online Metric Matching [arXiv]
    with R. Krishnaswamy, S. Sandeep. (APPROX, 2020)

  • Information Models: Creating and Preserving Value in Volatile Cloud Resources
    with C. Zhang, A. Chien (IC2E, 2019)

  • Stochastic Online Scheduling on Unrelated Machines [pdf]
    with B. Moseley, M. Uetz, Q. Xie. (IPCO, 2017)

  • Statistical Inference for Pairwise Graphical Models Using Score Matching [pdf]
    with M. Yu, M. Kolar. (NIPS, 2016)

  • Lagrangian-Based Online Stochastic Bin Packing [pdf]
    with A. Radovanovic. (SIGMETRICS, 2015)

  • Distributed Caching Algorithms for Content Distribution Networks [pdf]
    with S. Borst, A. Walid. (INFOCOM, 2010) INFOCOM Test of time award, 2022.

  • Robust and Flexible Power-proportional Storage [pdf]
    with H. Amur, J. Cipar, M. Kozuch, G. Ganger, K. Schwan. (SOCC, 2010)

  • Self-Adaptive Admission Control Policies for Resource-Sharing Systems [pdf]
    with M. Harchol-Balter. (SIGMETRICS, 2009)

  • Fundamental Characteristic of Queues with Fluctuating Load [pdf]
    with M. Harchol-Balter, A. Scheller-Wolf, U. Yechiali. (SIGMETRICS, 2006)

  • Fluid Level in a Reservoir with an On-Off Source [pdf]
    with P. Harrison. (MAMA, 2008)

  • Finding the Optimal Quantum Size: Sensitivity Analysis of the M/G/1 Round-Robin Queue [pdf]
    (MAMA, 2008)


  • Stochastic Models and Analysis for Resource Management in Server Farms [pdf] [slides]